Taiko Craft Skills At Taiko Centre East, we make our own instruments based on traditional craft skills  learnt from a Japanese taiko maker. Making taiko is, in many ways, more fascinating and physically demanding than playing them. We have a wide range of taiko for different styles of playing: 10 katsugi daiko 10 shime daiko 6 miya daiko 5 ojime daiko 1 Odaiko 25 practice drums 76 drums stands (how did that happen?)
Read about Taiko Listen to Taiko Watch Taiko These are katsugi daiko shells ranging from 2 shaku to 1.4 shaku. The plaits are made from rawhide stretched around the shell. Teaching how to sew a shime skin at the National Taiko Festival, 2013 Repair work for Mugenkyo, an old Asano daiko that needed a new bearing edge and skins 'Shime' means 'stitched'. Small high-pitched drums traditionally used in Noh theatre. Katsugi daiko skin lacquered Preparing a hiradaiko
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